About us

Leading the way in cranes, labour hire and traffic control solutions across Australia

KPI Construction Services commenced operations in January 2010, founded on the experience of Founder Kevin Ramsay who has an extensive knowledge base and experience in the mining, civil and construction industries. In 2013, Aaron Ramsay joined the KPI team also bringing a wealth of experience to the company. KPI has a data base of over 800 experienced workers, ranging from Crane Crews, Traffic Controllers, Plumbers, Carpenters, Skilled Tradesmen and Labourers. With offices located in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia, KPI is equipped to provide services Australia wide.

Why KPI Construction

KPI supplies multiple services for construction sites, organised reliability from a single call: Labour hire, Crane hire, Traffic Control. KPI Construction Services have the maturity and experience, the best people, best equipment and processes for the job.






Our Importance / Values

At KPI we are dedicated to upholding our company values of compliance, safety, the community and reliability to ensure that we are providing and supporting our team and our clients.

Our purpose is to arrange and develop the right traffic management and Labour Hire services to meet multiple industry requirements for all our clients.


  • At KPI we treat everybody fairly, politely and with respect
  • We respect the privacy and the rights for others
  • We build long term relationships with our clients


  • At KPI, we work together with our staff and our clients to build a valid and long term relationship which we base on transparency and trust
  • We value all our clients and will continue to meet their needs
  • You can be assured that at KPI we are reliable and available 24/7

Service Standards

  • For the past 10 years we have provided prompt, relevant, accurate and professional services to all our clients and we will continue to do so
  • We will listen to our clients’ needs and appreciate any feedback
  • We provide a consistent, professional experience for all our clients both large and small


An industry leader with hands-on experience


  • Kevin Ramsay

    KPI Founder

    Representing the Ramsay legacy in Melbourne’s construction sector for over seven decades, Kevin Ramsay embodies both profound industry expertise and steadfast commitment to business and family values. With an impressive 35-year tenure covering diverse facets of building and construction, Kevin’s prowess extends from industrial relations and crane consultancy to an unparalleled proficiency in tower and mobile crane operations.

    His impeccable understanding of client requirements, cultivated through decades of hands-on experience, positions Kevin as a respected figure in the construction community. Beyond his professional achievements, Kevin’s connections and reputation are amplified by his strong familial ties, with five brothers who are equally renowned in the industry. Together, they uphold the Ramsay name, signifying trust, excellence, and an unwavering dedication to customer service.

  • Aaron Ramsay

    Managing Director

    With over 20 years experience in the construction industry, Aaron Ramsay represents the industry as not only a qualified carpenter, advanced rigger, and crane operator, but also as a pillar of knowledge and expertise.

    Aaron has a deep passion for learning and is dedicated to his personal growth and development and is currently in pursuit of the Certificate of Management Excellence at Harvard Business School in Boston.

    In Aaron’s view, knowledge is not just to be acquired, but to be shared and leveraged. At KPI, he seeks to infuse his learnings into the organizational fabric, aiming to uplift and further empower his team, ensuring that the company not only meets but sets new benchmarks of excellence in the industry.

Senior Leadership

  • Shae Ramsay

    KPI Director - Victoria

    At the helm of our Victoria branch stands Shae Ramsay, an integral pillar of KPI Construction since its very foundation. With an illustrious career spanning over 15 years in the construction industry, Shae has cultivated an unparalleled expertise both in on-site project management and strategic office operations.

    Her deep-rooted understanding of diverse construction EBAs and Award agreements is testament to her dedication and aptitude. This, combined with her meticulous management of National Accounts Payable & Receivable, has been pivotal in streamlining operations and fostering financial integrity across the enterprise.

    Yet, what truly sets Shae apart is her multi-disciplinary background. As a fully registered nurse, she extends her care and commitment beyond construction sites and into the heart of KPI’s human resources. Passionate about the health and well-being of every team member, Shae is proactive in designing, developing, and deploying Occupational Health and Safety initiatives. She works relentlessly to ensure these safety standards are not just theoretical, but are actively ingrained into KPI’s training programs, fostering a culture where safety and well-being are paramount for every staff member.

  • Angela Jarvis

    Chief Financial Officer

    Angela Jarvis serves as the Chief Financial Officer for KPI, bringing over a decade of exemplary service since joining in 2011. She is an indispensable pillar of our enterprise, recognized for her expertise in tender submissions, cost evaluations, and crafting competitive quotations. With a rich background spanning financial management, accounting, compliance, and payroll, Angela consistently exhibits comprehensive financial acumen. She is deeply committed to fostering meaningful relationships with our clients, building trust through meticulous financial analysis, and consistently delivering top-tier performance.


  • Wayne Wright

    General Manager

    Wayne Wright, as the General Manager at KPI , embodies the spirit of innovation and leadership. His extensive tenure in the construction sector, combined with pivotal roles in senior executive positions, stands testament to his dynamic expertise.

    At the core of Wayne’s professional acumen is his certification as a Traffic Management Designer-Planner, and certified as a Road Safety Auditor. This, coupled with a solid academic foundation in Engineering, allows him to bring innovative solutions to traditional challenges.

    Always at the forefront of industry advancements, Wayne has consistently integrated innovation into major projects, forming strategic collaborations with utility providers, civil contractors, and both state and local road authorities at a national scale. His commitment to clients is unwavering: not just to meet project objectives, but to exceed them by infusing cutting-edge strategies and solutions, solidifying his reputation as a beacon of innovation in the industry.


  • Stephen O'Callaghan

    Operations Manager - Victoria

    Stephen serves as our Operations Manager for Victoria, bringing with him an impressive repertoire of expertise. With a tenure exceeding eight years in management roles specific to the Road Services Industry, his knowledge is both broad and deep. His background is firmly rooted in Labour Hire and Traffic Management, where he has not only been hands-on with major projects but has also been pivotal in staffing these endeavors throughout Victoria. Moreover, Stephen’s credentials are further solidified with a certification as a Road Safety Auditor from the Department of Transport. This certification underscores his commitment to upholding and enhancing safety standards, making him an invaluable asset to our team.

  • Jade Ward

    Victorian Office Manager

    Jade presides over our Victorian office, a pivotal nexus in the overarching KPI organizational framework. With a rich career spanning over 15 years in leadership roles, she embodies a synthesis of strategic acumen and operational proficiency. She has consistently demonstrated an adeptness in fostering a workspace environment that prioritizes both efficiency and productivity. Moreover, Jade has taken on a significant role in human resources, orchestrating comprehensive staffing strategies that encompass recruitment, structured onboarding processes, and meticulous management of qualifications. Her commitment ensures that KPI is always equipped with top-tier talent, perfectly aligned with the demands of their respective roles.

  • Simone Cravino

    Accounts and Compliance Manager

    Simone holds the esteemed position of Accounts and Compliance Manager at KPI.

    With a rich tapestry of over a decade of professional experience in financial and managerial capacities, Simone has showcased her expertise across a diverse range of sectors within the construction industry. Her multifaceted background equips her with an unparalleled depth of knowledge and practical insights.

    Acting as a pivotal support to our Chief Financial Officer, Simone’s portfolio of responsibilities encompasses the meticulous management of payroll, overseeing accounts receivable, ensuring stringent compliance, and diligently monitoring financial processes. Her dedication and prowess in these areas affirm her as an invaluable cornerstone of the KPI financial team.

  • James Phillpot

    Client Relations Manager

    James Philpot, an industry stalwart since 2007, has been a vital cog in the KPI machinery since 2013.

    With a wealth of experience garnered from his years in the field, James possesses a unique aptitude for fostering collaboration. He seamlessly works alongside various parties, leveraging his innate ability to cultivate and sustain trusted partnerships with all stakeholders, ensuring their aspirations are realized.

    Beyond his commendable commitment to KPI, James channels his passion for mentorship by guiding budding talents at his football club, aiding in the holistic development of the next generation.

  • Kayden Rose

    Operations & Planning Supervisor

    Kayden, a seasoned expert with over a decade in the traffic management industry, has been instrumental both on the ground and in strategic planning capacities.

    His meticulous approach, particularly in the crafting of Traffic Guidance Schemes, is evident in his diverse portfolio, which spans from straight forward TGSs to intricate Full Freeway shutdowns and nuanced Swept Path analyses. As a certified Traffic Management Designer, Kayden’s rigorous focus and unwavering attention to detail are pivotal in ensuring that our schemes are executed to the highest standards of excellence.

  • Erin Ellul

    Project Operations Supervisor

    Erin brings to the table a robust seven-year tenure in the Construction and Traffic Management Industry. Her journey, which commenced as a Traffic Controller on prominent Rail and Freeway Infrastructure projects, has seen her traverse a spectrum of operational and planning roles within the sector.

    A professional with an unwavering emphasis on Customer Service, Staff Training, Development, and Compliance, Erin consistently showcases her adeptness in forging, nurturing, and sustaining alliances with clients, stakeholders, and regulatory entities. Her success is anchored in her proficient time management and exemplary leadership capabilities.

    At the heart of Erin’s management ethos lies a commitment to fostering growth. Her leadership approach is centered around empowering team members, facilitating their professional evolution, and enhancing their skillsets.

  • Carroll Ramsay



  • Terry Knight

    Operations Manager - QLD


    Terry Knight stands as a luminary in the construction industry, boasting an illustrious career spanning over 22 years. As a testament to his expertise, Terry has garnered national recognition in the Mining and Construction plant and equipment valuation domain. Having previously helmed a firm as its General Manager, he brings to the table not only expansive knowledge but also profound leadership and communication proficiencies.

    Terry’s ethos is grounded in the conviction that the bedrock of successful client relationships lies in mutual trust and unwavering commitment to deliver excellence, all while prioritizing safety and efficiency. Entrusted with the oversight of the Queensland team, Terry leads a versatile ensemble of Multi-Skilled Tradesmen, Traffic Controllers, and Laborers. His acumen in  Labour Hire and Traffic Management  is unparalleled, equipping him to devise cost-effective strategies for clients that not only augment productivity but also align seamlessly with program objectives.

  • Neil Gaze

    QLD Traffic Management Design / Supervisor

    With an expansive career dedicated to traffic management and construction, Neil Gaze stands as a paragon of commitment, expertise, and operational efficiency at KPI Constructions. As a Traffic Management Designer and Operations Supervisor for Queensland, Neil seamlessly integrates design principles with hands-on operational management to ensure that traffic flows are not only efficient but also safe for both the public and construction teams.

  • Tammy Edwards

    Accounts Administrator
  • Linda Knight

    Accounts Administrator
  • Wayne Grice

    Light Rail Supervisor
  • Adam Dinse

    Light Rail Supervisor

New South Wales

  • Jack Hobbs

    Operations Manager NSW

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